Our Mission

The center of our “Mission” at Self Help Movement is an intense commitment to the person in recovery’s entire well-being. In addition to treating and aiding the homeless population suffering from addiction to alcohol and other drugs, we also provide individualized and flexible treatment programs intended to address each person’s specific needs.

We actively involve each person in an evolving treatment of care. This is done by providing the potential and ability to move forward and progress while becoming productive, industrious, and conscientious members of society.

Our hope is that our clients will learn to appreciate and share in the gift of life and sobriety which each has been given. We encourage all to “give back” what has been so freely given to them.

Our Vision

The Eagle represents our journey from homelessness and addiction to recovery and long-term sobriety. Our flight may be interrupted by unforeseen obstacles and shortcomings, but the journey must continue, and we must strive to soar high and far.

Our “Vision” at Self Help Movement is to continue to provide the necessary tools for that journey. The tools we offer that will launch and sustain our flight include traditional and innovative counseling, education, spirituality, peer support, job-readiness, and life skills training.